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One million adults depressed, 70% employed
By Jennifer Forbes

A study by Statistics Canada examined stress levels among the employed population, aged 18 to 75, and found that depression stands out as a major occupational health issue. Just over one million adults had experienced a major depressive episode in the year before the survey interview. Of these people, 7 in 10 were employed during that year. For workers of both sexes, high stress on and off the job was associated with depression. However, the mental health of male workers was more vulnerable to stress arising from the work environment. Men in high strain jobs were 2.5 times more likely than their counterparts in low strain jobs to have experienced depression; women were 1.6 times more likely. Male and female workers who considered most days to be quite a bit or extremely stressful were over three times as likely to have suffered a major depressive episode, compared with those who reported low levels of general stress.

Report in Adobe Acrobat PDF format can be found at Statistics Canada.


depression stands out as a major occupational health issue.
I can see this as being so very true.

I think this is part of my husbands depression, (that he won't get help for) I think he feels he has to stay where he is due to the benefits.

But, years ago I had encouraged him to take classes on the stock market as he really enjoys reading stuff like that. greek to me, but he loves it..I think that he would have went pretty far in a job like that.
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