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Hey everyone,

I am a sixteen year old, Diabetic female with binge-eating disorder. I have had Diabetes type one (Juvenile onset) since I was two. I have not officially been diagnosed with an eating disorder but my eating concerns me as it affects my blood sugars. I'm frightened that if my eating continues I may one day suffer the consequences of poor Diabetes control. It also makes me very depressed and axious in social situations. Recently I have gained 4 kilos in a month or so and my social anxiety has slightly increased again.

I have a habit of picking ANYTHING from the cupboard during the day.
I also feel I have to "finish off anything left". For example, If there is a slice or two of bread left, I feel I need to eat the bread to finish it.

Apart from that, I measure most of my foods, and try to cut down on sugars, fat, and pre-packaged food. I really want to lose the few extra kilos I have by permanently solving this, whether I need extra help or not.
I would appreciate any help, advice or suggestions. Thankyou :(


If, as a Type I Diabetic, you're binge-eating, and gaining weight rapidly, it's time to really start taking things seriously. It sounds like you try, but once in awhile you just "lose it". While most of us can get away with that, since your metabolic state is not what it should be due to the diabetes, you have to be more careful than most people.

You're right (VERY RIGHT!) to be concerned that your eating habits now could negatively impact your health in future. I won't go through the litany of ailments that plague diabetics who don't pay strict attention to food regimen, as I'm sure you've heard it all before. The only thing I can say is: everything you've heard is true, and what you do now will have an enormous impact on how your diabetes progresses.

If you've tried to control the binge-eating and failed, it's time to get help, Ace Lace. Have you spoken with the doctor who handles your diabetes about what's going on? If not, please do so. If you have, and you're still unable to stop the binge-eating, perhaps a therapist can help you get a grip on what's causing you to put your health at risk like this.

The bottom line is, it's critically important that you get a handle on this now, while you're still young enough to reap the benefits of a good, long, relatively healthy life. If you keep going the way you're going, the time will come when it's just too late. That's what you absolutely must avoid.

Best of luck to you. My heart goes out to anyone who must deal with a chronic health condition like diabetes. It's not fun. It's especially not fun when you're young and trying to learn, and reach out, and experience life. However, since that's the hand you've been dealt, that's the hand you must play. Our mission is to help you play that hand wisely.


Daniel E.
Yeah, since you have diabetes, I don't see how you have the luxury of not seeing a therapist or psychologist and getting diagnosed and treated.

Even dieticians, who know a million ways to eat healthy, have problems eating too many calories and eating too much sugar because of boredom, stress, sadness, etc.


Thankyou for your messages. I am due to go to the Diabetes clinic soon. So I will discuss some options with the doctor. Hopefully there is a place I can go to specifically for Diabetics with eating disorders.

Meanwhile, I called Overeaters Anonymous and am very keen on going to the next meeting. They are weekly meetings, almost daily! So it sounds very good and I already feel a little better at the prospect of knowing there is some help and support from people with first-hand knowledge. :)

I have a question about a habit I have though. I often find myself picking food from the cupboard or fridge. For example, I will pick off pieces from slices of bread, crackers, etc. When I come home from shopping, I will often sample most of the foods when I am packing them away. Is this habit or is it some form of compulsive disorder?


The contact with Overeater's Anonymous is a great idea! That will help you to build a support group to help when you're getting "those urges".

As far as the picking at foods goes, it could be either compulsive behavior, or just a habit you've formed. If you can find a therapist, or therapy group, that deals with the issues that are troubling you, I think this can be determined through the interactions you'll have there. :)


Hi Ace Lace,

this reply is a long-time coming as I'm a fairly new member, but the first thing I would do is to read the posts in here started by by David Baxter, called 'Binge Eating Is America's Most Common Disorder" and 'Out of control: A True Stroy Of Binge Eating'. Also read the excellent strategies in thread stated by Misha called 'Anti Binge Strategies'.

You are not alone and it does appear that you might fit the criteria of Binge Eating Disorder. Maybe seeing yourself as having a disorder might lessen your feelings of self-disgust.

I have Binge Eating Disorder. It is known to be linked to different types of mental disturbance so by all means seek counselling.

I tried Overeaters Anonymous for two years and found that it didn't help but I rememeber that others swore by it. I hope that it helps you a lot, but don't give up the idea of counselling. It would need specifically to deal with your issues, who sees bingeing in a wider context than just aphysical predeliction.

Above all, don't judge yourself for overeating. It helps no-one and only decreases the value of each day. If you cannot stop eating, at least stop blaming yourself for it. You'd be surprised at how not judging yourself can actually help yourself gain more power over your life :)

For now,

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