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Do we have a sexual dysfunctions thread here? I have not seen it, or any other threads i could write this in.

I have a problem that most of the society ignore, i think I'm a pedophile.

When you think of a pedophile, the first thing you do is picture an old ugly fat man...well is not the case for me. Anyone can be a pedophile, is called being attracted to little boys/or girls. We don't chose what were attracted to, so i need help. How do I stop these feelings? I might as well just kill myself. I'm a 20 year old female, I'm a good person, I'm just attracted to little boys. Please don't judge but help me instead. Thank you for all your support.

David Baxter PhD

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Hello, unknown1.

We do not have a specific sexual disorders or sexual dysfunctions forum here. This is an apporpriate place to post such questions.

First, I am puzzled by the juxtaposition of paraphilia (sexual disorder) and sexual dysfunction - are you saying that you think you suffer from both?

Second, can you provide a few more details: What makes you think you are a pedophile? How long you have had this belief? Is this an exclusive preference or have you had attractions to same age partners as well? What is your personal developmental history and your relationship history? etc.


Please unknown1 do not give up on talking... we do want to understand you and support you. I for one would love to get to know you and we can share eachother's burdens. Even if you decide not to post on threads I need you to know that you can private message me anytime if there is something you need off your chest. I can't pretend to understand but I will listen and not judge.
Michelle (another "good" girl in her 20s who does things she does not understand....)
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