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My GP is refering me to the PMS specialist at the clinic in St Mary's Hospital, Paddington.

This is because of my pre-menstrual exacerbation of my existing depression, anxiety etc.

My GP is waiting to refer me until I move in a month or so's time, to make it simpler with paperwork.

I feel disappointed, relieved, excited and nervous.

I don't want to take hormone supplements/the pill, for various reasons. I've told my GP that.
I'm hoping that some advice about diet, and maybe adjustments to/additional psychiatric medication might be able to help.

I'm working in therapy all the time around my feelings to do with a woman, and overcoming past wounds to my femininity. That does help.
But I also recognise that I need some specialist help, as I've always suffered pre-menstrually, and it causes me a lot of distress.


Re: referal


I think that this is a great decision on the part of your GP. I know that your are feeling a lot of different emotions about it but in all honesty you have absolutely nothing to lose by going to see the specialist and everything to gain.

I hope when you do get the appointment that it goes well :hug:

Take care :heart:
:hug: :hug:


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Re: referal

If you don't want to take hormones, have you considered seeing a naturalpathic doctor? I know there is one in the community where I live who specialize in hormonal balancing. (Quick trip to BC :)? ) You may want to check out the more holistic side of things to see what the alternatives are.

Just a thought :)

i think this is good, braveheart, to have a specialist take a look at you and what's going on with those hormones. it should be of help and hopefully a solution can be found to deal with the monthly worsening of your depression and anxiety. let us know how it goes.
Hi Braveheart!

It's important you talk about your symptoms with your GP and even your therapist. I had my hormone levels checked out when i was 16 as i was concerned about my menstrual irregularity and the fact that i still had a maiden form almost boyish. It turned out that my androgen-estrogen ratio was and i suspect still is a bit higher than the average woman but the doc reassured me that this was not pathological and it would not prevent me from having children. He was right.

I have had to finally recognize a pattern with me of being or feeling in an "altered state" a few days before my menses. What made it more difficult for me to make an association between my hormones and the impact it has on my mood was the fact that i was never regular in having my periods.

I still feel "estranged" during that time of month but knowing that this too shall pass, i focus on my coping strategies to grin and bare it. Btw, my menses are not unbearingly painful and i don't bleed much or longer than 3-4 days.

I hope you find a bearable solution with the help of your treating professionals for a very real yet almost "taboo" subject of PMS.



Im glad to hear your GP is sending you to see a PMS specialist, I had to attend a clinic for PMS/PMT some years ago when things where alot worst with my PMS than they are now, the clinic was very helpful, very through too, and looked at all types of ways of treatment both mainstream and alternatives, looked at diet/excercise/relaxtion and was run by all female staff too it helped me alot. I hope when you get your appointment it goes well and you find someway that helps you feel better:hug:


Thanks so very much. :)

I'm starting to feel how it acknowledges and celebrates myself as a woman....

Josee, my therapist and GP know my symptoms.
I had all the standard blood work done with the psychiatrist referral 2 years ago. My hormones are normal. I'm simply ultra sensitive to them. Partly because of elements in my past. I note in another thread that PMDD is common in women with PTSD. And especially when part of that PTSD is caused by being a child witness to father's domestic violence upon me and my mother, and father's hatred and diminishment of womenkind in general, and myself and my mother as 'useless objects'...

My periods are regular. 31-38 days on average. Which means my ovulation is late and usually around day 19.

I'm going to read my Christiane Northrup books again, too...

Maybe it'll be as simple as taking a higher dose of magnesium or an additional anti-depressant or anti-anxiety during those worst 2 weeks... We shall see..

tte, thanks. It's reassuring to know someone else's been through such a referral and it was helpful. :)
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