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I was really glad to get off my Remron now that i know that, that was what was making me gain weight and eat out of control but Im really having a hard time sleeping. I feel like my legs just wont relax. its almost like they hurt and i have ants in my pants? all i do is toss and turn and keep my husband up by moving around so much.

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That may well be a "discontinuation effect" - sort of like withdrawal - from the Remeron. If you don't see the problem diminishing over the next few days or so, talk to your doctor.
I dread going to bed at night because I know that I'm not going to sleep. But I defenately will talk to my doc. Maybe its from my broken leg? well its together and healing but it always hurts?


i have RLS for about 28yrs.. affects me most when i am tired..
sometimes tho,it happens when i'm not tired ansd it's so annoying!? ? it used to drive the whole family crazy.. especially if we had a film to watch.? i'd have to leave..? ?if i tried to stop the movements.. it would cause a lot of pain.? ?i'm so used to having it.. i nearly forgot it's name. lol.? kids used to call me "jerky legs" or say go to bed Jerky,, in fun mind you....?

mentined to a doc... yrs ago.. think he gave me calcium tabs.. but they didn'thelp.. but he never said what causes it.? ? is there an actual cause???

hope you don't mind me joing in on this. i'm curious now.



I am not sure exactly how it works but I have read (over and over) that in order to help with restless legs, put a bar of soap under your sheets near where your legs are. I personally don't suffer from it but I do know someone who does and they tried it and it worked. I just thought that I would throw that out there in case it may work for you both.

If you try it, let me know how it turns out.


thanks Nancy. weird idea eh? soap!! *s*

i think i have it so long now that it doesn't bother me as much as it bothers others around me.. sometimes tho i know if i actually think about it.. it makes it worse.. so i learned not to pay attention when my legs decide to do their own thing.


Nancy.. i might have to try the soap idea after all...

last night was terrible.. been awhile since they were so bad.... iknow i was very tired and even managed to go to bed early.. but do u think i could get to sleep......(flipping legs and eventually whole bloody body.) hrs later.. *s*
Maybe i should look this up for more info afterall... there must be a cause.. other than being tired.
O r if anyone has an opinion on the cause of RLS i'd be glad to hear it.


As I said before NSA, I am not sure if it works personally for me but my mother has tried it and it seems to work. Oh, she also will have someone (or herself) rub her legs to try and relax them and then put the bar of soap under the sheets. If you try it, let me know how it works.

Good Luck :)
Ya know My legs really haven't been bothering me lately I think it was due to the med switching and tappering off effexor. Sometimes I can sleep all through the night sometimes I can't. Some times I need a sleeping aid and sometimes I go right to sleep... Im such a confused lost child!!
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