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CBC Radio just announced a three-part series on Depression to air over March. I don't believe they will have pod-casts available until the pieces air, however I found this information on the Ideas website.

In their on-line promos for the series, the CBC refers to depression stats and calls it an epidemic, and on the rise since drugs became available to treat them.

These stats aren't on the web-site so I can't add them to this post. However, I will add links to more information as it becomes available.

As stated below, the first episode of this series "explores the short and troubling history of the antidepressant."

Thursday, March 7
Depression. It has been called the mean reds. The blue devils. The black dog. And through history, treatments for depression have varied wildly. In the Middle Ages, depressives were caged in asylums. In Victorian England, wealthier patients were sent to seaside resorts for a change of air. In 1938, electroshock therapy was used. No wonder then, when the Age of the Antidepressant arrived, it was considered a triumph for psychiatry. Prozac came onto the market in 1987, followed quickly by many similar drugs. And since then, the number of people afflicted with depression has soared. However, in recent years, the antidepressant has come under siege. It is ineffective, even dangerous, some psychiatrists and patients now say, claiming it is not the panacea we thought it would be.

In this 3 part program, Rethinking Depression, IDEAS producer Mary O'Connell explores the short and troubling history of the antidepressant. Part 2 airs Thursday, March 14; Part 2 airs March 21.

Thanks to Tina, my colleague on TSFC Forum for this post
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