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Scientology's Achilles Heel
Posted by Chris, April 12, 2006

Chris said:
Tom Cruise is up to his couch-jumping antics again in the May issue of GQ magazine. Evidently a little of the Xenu-love is all it takes to cure someone of just about anything, including drug abuse. Cruise even makes the claim that he can 'get someone off heroin in three days' using Scientology methods. It's a pity it can't cure him of being an over-rated sub-par actor.

Continuing where he left off with Matt Lauer, Brooke Shields, and Oprah, Cruise again lashed out at the pratcice of psychiatry/psychology and especially at the use of prescription anti-depressants. (Someone with his bank account probably has no use for them, so it stands to reason he'd have little understanding of the issue.) His self-proclaimed 'intensive study' of the field of mental health no doubt relates to his obsessive absorbtion of the writings of L. Ron Hubbard. Hubbard himself has been proven to have been a compulsive liar, drug addict, and fraud, even commenting at one point in his life that 'the best way to get rich is to invent a religion.'

Who do I believe? Modern medical science, or L. Ron Hubbard? Hmm.
(Someone with his bank account probably has no use for them...)
Hm. Or maybe he needs them more than any of us. And I be there's some small part of him that knows it and doesn't want to accept it so he deflects and blames.

Or who knows. Maybe he was on them for years and his delusions are running so rapid that he honestly believes that love and scientology are the only cures for him.

Ah, I shouldn't judge.


Cruise feels entitled to condemn mental health professionals, because he has "read the books". I guess all the psychiatrists/psychologists need to read the same books that Tom did.

This guy continues to embarrass himself and I am convinced he is on something.
Katie, RUN !!!!!!
lol. When flipping through the channels on TV yesterday, I saw that they are doing a "silent birth" --- no noise and no drugs. Good luck.

David Baxter PhD

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Yeah. The image that comes to mind is Katie giving birth, teeth clenched, glaring at Tom, and suddenly hauling off and clocking him one right between the eyes, or lashing out a foot and nailing him where it will hurt most, as she growls, "Let's see scientology help you with THAT, loser!"...


I have always wondered what is it about psychology/psychiatry that scares people so much that they resort to destructive antics? Are they that afraid of what they may find inside or that their discoveries will anihilate who they think they are and any questions/comments they may have or that others may see them for who they are? I mean really, of all the treatments out there that could cause harm or are not scientifically supported, what makes them target the one thrapy that focuses on behavior, thought process, esteem and so on with the least amount of meds and biggest emphasis on self-work and cognitive restructuring? I find it absolutely baffling.

In another forum I'm a member of, I made a comment to someone with depression that they should consider seeing a doctor. You wouldn't believe the backtalk that I got which was accompanied by slander against psychology/psychiatry. And I'm not even a clinician and far from being a psychologist!

David Baxter PhD

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I know, Lana. That's why when I began this forum I made two primary rules:

1. safety - respect potential triggers

2. no antipsychiatry debates - the net is already full of those


Lana, I agree with you that people that are afraid of psychology/psychiatry are probably scared to see what is inside themselves and reveal to the world exactly who they are. I actually feel sorry for those people as they will never be truly happy within themselves or get to know themselves on a more intimate level.

Just a quick note about Tom Cruise.....I have heard that Nicole Kidman and her family are very upset about Tom's very vocal views about psychiatry/psychology because Nicole's father is in this profession. Either a psychologist or psychiatrist....can't remember which. I think that it is a complete disgrace that he would made these comments basically saying to his children that what your maternal grandfather does is bogus and not needed due to his religion which can fix anything. Just my opinion of course.

Nancy said:
I think that it is a complete disgrace that he would made these comments basically saying .....
he IS a complete disgrace... not to turn into a TC basher or anything.. but i can't bring myself to watch his movies anymore...
and does anyone here watch southpark?

David Baxter PhD

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Actually, on the weekends on satellite TV you can watch back-to-back episodes of many shows like South Park, The Simpsons, Seinfeld, etc. Those are the only quality shows left on TV these days. :)
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