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well here i am back again,
well as i have stopped many times in the past i started over again but know my ocd is much present in my self harm habits as in when i do self injure i will nbot stop until i have hurt myself 7 times cause then the pain just is not equal to the emotionnal pain and it doesn't stop it i wish i could stop but i cant i feel stupid cause it i slike 30 degrees out and i am in pants and long sleeves pretty evident when i go in therapie and they see what i am wearing they know i am still cutting but i can't stop
yours trully ashley


Re: gone seriously out of controle

Dear Ashley-Kate - this might sound silly for me to say but please stop! I do not pretend to understand but I am worried. Is there anyone there with you or anyone you can call or anything you can do to help you through this? Mari
Re: gone seriously out of controle

i am all alone my famille ignores that i still self harm and they think i am doing great i can't tell them cause then they will believe i failled yet again
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