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And I still am upset over his death!! I am really amazed at the depth of my grief with someone I have never even met.
I am not like I was when it happened , but I think of him and his family often.
Is that weird??

David Baxter PhD

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No, I don't think so. I think certain public figures, for reasons we may not fully understand, simply tough us in a very special way - maybe it's something we admire in them or maybe it's something we identify with, or maybe it's just an empathy thing.

I can think of several who affected my that way in their passing: Terry Fox, John and Robert Kennedy, George Harrison, Princess Diana, the teacher astronaut, etc.

Just something special in certain people that reach out to you in ways we may not fully understand.


At least I know its not just me. Thx for your response Dr B. I guess I really did admire how he LIVED each and every day and made it count. He loved what he did and his family and friends and he SHOWED it.
He was a ball of energy that did a lot of good. He was kind, caring and fun.. Yeah, I can see why so many people would miss him..
There will never be another Steve Irwin..


You know, Steve Irwin was one of the few famous persons that I would have liked to actually meet. I admired his passion for animals, and it would be so cool to hang out with the guy for a day.
I was not happy about his death either, but, it happens and is just part of life.


Bones, that is one thing I regret... Is not getting to Australia sooner to meet this guy. I would have LOVED to meet him.
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