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If your're stressed- and personally, I can't name one person who isn't...

1. Breathe
- the fastes, most effective way to cope w/ stress
- focus on taking deep belly breaths whenever the stress level creeps up

2. Self- Talk
- every minute, we say 150-300 words to ourselves, 80% of this is usually negative!
- make a positive statement about yourself. pause. accept the compliment
- visualize success

3. Get some (much needed) sleep
- don't have caffeine/ nicotine too close to bedtime
- same goes for food
- keep bedroom a comfortable temperature (cool is usally good)
- exercise during the day, not before bed
- warm bath/shower before bed (aromatherapy enhances this!)
- catch up on the weekend but not more than 2-3 hrs past normal wake-up time (otherwise your sleep-wake cycle gets even more confused)
- don't view sleep as being lazy!
- try not to watch tv, be on the computer etc. just before bed

4. Exercise
- aim for 30 min. of moderate physical exercise a couple of times/week (if you're too busy, try substituting w/ things like walking instead of driving)
- posture: stand up straight, head up, shoulders down and back, tilt pelvis, tighten butt - this sends an anti- stress message to your body and sends a message of confidence to people you're talking to

5. Say No
- strong boundaries are key to managing stress, think about what kind of life you want and protect that vision
- learn to say no to doing other favors all the time, take some time out to yourself- people will not like you any more just b/c you always say yes

6. Fuel Yourself with Healthy Food and Plenty of Water
- avoid the blood sugar roller- coaster
- good nutrition gives you much needed energy

7. Smile and Laugh
- smiling and laughing trigger chemicals in your braind and body that make you feel better

8. Date Yourself
- schedule some personal time for yourself every day
- read, write in a journal, listen to music, go for a walk

9. Be an Artist
- explore your creativity, boosts self- esteem and promotes problem- solving
- everyone is an artist- it's just a matter of finding your medium!

10. Progressive Muscle Relaxation:
- working up from your toes, tense and relax each group of muscles
- breath in as you tense and breath slowly out as you relax
- excellent strategy when you're too stressed to fall asleep (which is not fun at all b/c you stress even more b/c you can't fall asleep)

Note: I didn't come up w/ these points, I only added a few comments and made a few revisions. I would love to give credit to its source but it's from a handout I received years ago from a Peer Counselor Training


When I feel stressed, I stop and pay attention to my thoughts. It's amazing how much is going on there just below the surface. Once I identify any "mind irritants" that are contributing to the stress, I deal with them. If it's a phone call I've been meaning to make, I make it - or I just put things on a list so I can forget about them. Actually, sometimes just seeing what's half-consciously bugging me is enough to dismiss it. Alternately, just saying "there's nothing I ccan do about this right now" lets me drop many worries - but I have to be aware of them first.


that's such a beautiful painting. and it is so true that sometimes just realizing that there is nothing we can do about a situation helps decrease stress. I have started doing some things for myself again, just taking some time out for myself, doing things I enjoy w/ friends or by myself, going for walks, exploring new parts of the city, being open to new experiences, collaging... it's just amazing how much of a difference those few hours can make to a day or a week, and I guess overall well being. I say, we should have an official "me" day. feels like a lot of people feel like they need permission to be stress-free, b/c if you're stressed that means you're productive, which means you're efficient and achieving goals- but the best thing is when you realize you don't have to be stressed every hour of the day to accomplish anything, in fact it's probably making you less efficient. time managment is another really important thing to keep in mind and organizing/ prioritizing goals.? :)


thank you,Eunoia.

time management it's something that I would like to learn more about. it's a key concept in my attempt to make the best with my life. for me, it's about finding time for work, self-development, family, love, if anybody has some tips on this topic, it would be great.

thank you
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