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I tend to go through cycles of almost overbearing anxiety and stress. I've learned to deal with it in different ways, and mostly, just knowing it'll pass helps me get through it. I thought it might be interesting if we all posted some of the things we do to calm ourselves down. Here is what works for me:

1. Counting. I don't really understand why this works, but if I just start counting and see how high I can get in a minute or two minutes, for some reason I end up relaxing. Sometimes it even makes me happy. Weird, but it works.

2. Biking. This works better for social stress, i.e. a fight with someone, or something disturbing on the news, as opposed to work or school stress. I just hop on my bike and bike hard and fast until I exhaust myself. It's sort of like running away from yourself, but by the time you're done, the anxiety is gone and you can think about the problem rationally.

3. Knitting. Something about the repetitiveness of it really makes me feel better.

What about you guys?



It will be interesting to learn what activities others find that can redirect their minds from stressful thoughts.

For me, there are several activities that will do that, most of which are artisitic in nature that require my deepest concentration. I have painted, sculpted and most recently with the computer have done creative digital music editing.

Each one of these will focus my thoughts on the activity and virtually eliminate any other intrusive thoughts.

Thanks for introducing what should be a most interesting topic.

Daniel E.
What about you guys?

Exercise helps the most for me. For aerobic exercise, I mostly use a stationary bike and sometimes a rowing machine. Walking outdoors, however, is my favorite exercise.

Music would be in second place. (I was pretty happy to hear Seal's new album System, which debuted this week.)
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Aromatherapy bath or shower.

Kriss kross word puzzles.

Searching for validating articles online.

Therapeutic art.


Dancing. [when I have the energy]
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