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I have been struggling with addiction all my adult life, i quit Heroin in 1997 but have used a few times since, alcohol and Cocaine were my last big battles,

for about eight months i was totally clean and exercised regular at the gym,it felt so good to be clean, but i questioned what was all the hard effort about, still with all the good work i wasn't happy inside, wasn't happy with my life but was unwilling to make the big changes i needed because I'm scared of life and feel locked inside myself.

So after a while i began to trawl internet forums dedicated to drug use, i found people i could relate to and before long i was ordering pain meds and getting high, i realized i had to stop so i ordered this herb that people are doing called Kratom, it's sold as incense but thats just to get round the law, after a week on this herb i found that i didn't need the meds but lo and behold i got addicted to the herb. This Kratom is way addictive and has withdrawals like any other opiate and it's sold on the internet quite openly, most sites are in the USA, i ended up buying over $1000 worth so i could trade it myself but I'm eating most of the stock,

i live with my parents and they have noticed the change in me, i told them and now they know, i will quit but i dread the thought of going cold turkey, after Christmas i will do it but what do i do with all the stock? People aren't buying it because they stick with their trusted online dealers. How can something like this which is illegal in its native countries be sold so widely on the net?

Australia has made it illegal, Thailand, Malaysia, Mayanmar and a few others also, and these drug forums are bad news, really they are mostly kids and they don't really know what they are getting into, when i have tried to tell them i have been told that it's because i can't handle my drugs but thats not true, drugs gets everyone in the end, these forums are populated by mostly lonely young men who live on the fringes of society, this whole sub-culture is going unchecked, why is this allowed to happen? I know we live in free societies but surely the governments of the land are responsible for the protection of its citizens? I was once pro legalization but now i don't think that as humans we can control our own animal self, drugs for us as a species are inherently dangerous, we self implode and cause so much destruction, pain, and misery that drugs in my opinion are not to be played with.

I write this for therapy and to voice my concerns, i write this to bring to the attention of intelligent people that there is a drug called Kratom that for all intent and purpose is the same as Opium and is being sold legally in large amounts to people from all walks of life for huge profits, really i need to burn my stock that i have as it's not fit for anything else.

Now I'm off to work, my parents are really sad that I've become an addict again and I'm feeling as down as can be, it's gray and miserable out to fit my mood... Great! :(



Make an appoinment with an addictions counsellor. It would be helpful to you to see someone who is experienced with helping people with addictions. This will be more beneficial to you than the forums you are usin for support.

In Canada
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Have you tried taking an antidepressant? This has been helpful for many people to prevent relapse.
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