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Just wondering if anyone from Ottawa Ontario has found support for there Agoraphobia other than this forum.
I am having lots of trouble just don't know where to turn next.I have a few tips from the good Dr. here that i will follow up on on monday but I was wondering if anyone else had any input.



Do you have any mental health organisations like we have Mind in the UK? I've had a befriender through them, and am hopefully getting a new one soon.
Thanks Doc
I have checked those out and will try calling more, but everyone I have called thus far has no support for helping me get phyically getting out of my house. I did go through a program a few years back where I had a volunteer work with me once a week to go out of my house for walks .
I believe it was through the anxiety mood disorder association.I called them last week and was told the program was canceled a few years ago and nothing in ottawa has replaced it.
So my search is still on to try and find a volunteer support to get me out of my house .

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