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My teacher, saw my self destructive psychological behavior on my arm and asked what it was and why I did it. So I proceeced to tell her why and then she says you need to stop doing that, thats gross and wrong. If your here I don't want yoou to do that anymore. Im upset at the fact that she even made the comment. I believe she was in the wrong. she a teacher not my mother. Yet I did not say anything to her
I'm sorry, Em. That was not kind of her at all.

Sometimes when people don't understand they say hurtful things, but that is no excuse.


Hi TLC: reading the above, i have to say i agree with Janet, she wasn't very kind or understanding because she doesn't understand your pain. I wonder if she's the type you could take to one side after class and speak to her alone... maybe then she'll understand where your'e at? just a thought ok.

thinking of you ok. :)

I have filled her in on pretty much everything. She knows that I have PTSD, Manic Depressive, Self Mutilation and so on. So maybe she will be more understanding the next time I go to class.


that is brilliant TLC... well done, that took guts.. Proud of you :)

and you are right to say maybe she'll be mmore understanding next time you go to class.

again well done.



I just wanted to echo what NSA said about being a brillant idea for you to have told the truth to your teacher and not to hide what is going on with you. Although I agree that what she said was rude and insensitive, I believe that it may be because she is not open minded and willing to accept that things like self-destructive behaviours do happen to many people.

I know for myself that I have certain people in my life that don't and wouldn't understand my self-destructive behaviour based on comments that they have made either to me or around me and I have therefore made a conscious effort not to speak to them about that part of my life.

Anyway, TLC I think that you did the right thing by speaking up about what is happening with you and maybe, just maybe she will be more understanding when you go to class next time.

If you have a chance, let us know how it turns out.
Take Care

just mary


I don't want to minimize your feelings at all, I can only imagine how you felt when your teacher said what she said. But maybe your teacher was just scared and had no idea how to handle the situation. Maybe she had no experience with self-mutilation and reacted the only way she knew how. Maybe she thought that by banning you from the class you would stop, so you could come to class and you would be okay. Maybe she only had your best interests at heart??

She obviously cares enough about you to express her unhappiness at what you're doing to yourself. She likes you TLC and she wants you to get better, but she probably doesn't self-injure and can't quite understand your situation. So she's doing the only thing she know how to, i.e. take away a privilege until the behaviour stops.

I just want to say again TLC, that it must have hurt so much to hear what she said and I don't want to minimize those feelings, I just want to help.

Take care,
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