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Ten love songs from the musicals ? with love to you on Valentine?s Day
By Dr Petra Boynton
14 February, 2010

What better to enjoy Valentine?s day than some romantic songs? I?m a bit of a Musicals fan so here are a selection of love songs for you to enjoy and share. Predictably since they are songs from the shows they?re about love and passion, but also about loss and pain. Still, if you?ve not had a good cry on Valentine?s it?s really not been a proper one!

YouTube - Rita Hayworth - Bewitched (Pal Joey)

YouTube - Noel Coward - I'll See You Again

YouTube - Carousel - 1956 - If I loved you duet.

YouTube - Oliver! (1968) - Shani Wallis - As Long As He Needs Me (English) ~HQ~

YouTube - What I Did For Love - A Chorus Line

YouTube - GREASE - There are Worse Things I Could Do

YouTube - My man - Barbra Streisand

YouTube - LIZA MINELLI LOSING MY MIND a video from TEXEL80 liza minelli losing mind

YouTube - West Side Story-One Hand, One Heart
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