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tomorrow i have an appointment at the hospital to take tests to verify if i do have a BPD or not i am really nervous i have no idea what to expect or anything what is it going to be like what are the questions or anything i am very uneasy about this hole thing.

Daniel E.
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In my experience, psychological tests are easy and fun, though they can be time consuming. There are a variety of psychological tests that can be used. Most consist of just standardized, simple questions and are either paper-based like the MMPI or are questions asked by someone like a psychologist, therapist, or psychiatric nurse.
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These tests aren't difficult, really, Ashley-Kate. The important thing is to answer them honestly. They are, as Daniel said, kinda fun to take and there is no "passing" or "failing". Just tell the truth and relax. You can only gain by the result, as it will show you the way to healing. :)
hey well i am off to take the tests but today a bit less stressed i must say cause i looked up some tests online and the definition of what exacly bpd is and wel i find that although some are simalar to my behaviors in general they do not correspond but i guess that will be determined more later on .. thanks for the insight all of you and i will keep youposted
hey hey ,
well i am back from my appointment and what a long one that was and i am happy to inform you alll that the last time they assumed that i may have a bpd was at the age of 16 and now at the age of adulthood they have no more reason to believe that for i past the tests.. if it is possible to pass that sort of test the only thing that came out were the behaviors that have some links to problems i currently have with e-d's and Si so well i am really happy that i don't have another difficulty to overcome and my stress is now gone
thanks for your support
the test was actually created by a psychiatrist in l'Annonciation i don't quite remember her name but it was questions very regular like do you fear being abandoned , do you have behaviors that could be dangerous for you. stuff like that and you had to answer true if the question applies to you on a regular basis , and at the end there was a list of problematic and depending on the questions you said true to you had to check a box in a certain disorder and well if you had more than half of the boxes in a disorder checked it signified that you are likely to have that disorder, .. it was very complicated .. but the questions were very easy there was 88 of them and the tests is to be done in 30 minutes.
that's about it.
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