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I found this competition / game at Six Word Stories ? Results | Skinny and Single and thought it might be fun for Psychlinks members as well.

The idea is that you create a small "story" using only six words:

Recently I opened an Instagram account, mainly to show my poetry, six and ten word stories. Meh, some of them did well, some of them suck nuts. A friend of mine took notice and started submitting six word stories for my review. ~ Six Word Story Competition

Here are examples of her competition results to get you started:



Silence and compassion
leads to understanding.

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the definition
of unconditional
a pathway
to all your dreams.

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rats that was 7 words " Imagination a pathway to your dreams " there that is 6 words

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Another day to get things right.


Overthinking things makes everything more complicated

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The mirror lied again.I'm perfect.


Your words mean nothing without action

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Don't say you're sorry,show it.

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Maybe I'm doing this wrong?I'm just condensing my thoughts into 6 words and not coming up with any clever little quotes or sayings like you guys are.


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Yes you are LIT [edit/insert:sorry LIT, I was thinking that you had said "I'm not very good at this", but you actually said "Maybe I'm doing this wrong." Sorry, I did not mean to say "Yes you are" to that. I meant it as disagreeing with you having said "I'm not very good at this." (So my response = "Yes you are good at this!") But that's not what you said so my response makes no sense. My brain mixed up what phrase you had actually used, so then my response was wrong. I bet that all got confusing pretty quickly. :tongue1: There you go. From my brain function level I'm having today, you can see the accuracy and truthfulness of some of my six-word stories below, and you can see the type of brain function level I'm experiencing today which inspired them. :) :) OK so instead of the above "Yes you are LIT", replace that part with "No, you are not doing this wrong LIT"[end edit/insert] - yours are very good and in fact useful food for thought..... I think some groups of words are just gonna have a more poetic 'ring' to them, and come across more like an Instagram quote or something, but ones that don't have that 'ring' or 'sound' could perhaps in many cases be more specific and useful to think on or apply to life..... (Sometimes I see poetic-sounding quotes on the internet or whatever and I go.... "Hey, but this could end up badly misused or is kind of too much of an overgeneralisation or something!!" (Of course I get straight into analytical mode :tongue1:)

The only one I have right now is, I really liked all of these!

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six word stories........


Thank heaven for works of art.


I don't know what I'm doing.


What the heck is my life.


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Come to think of it LIT, I think the first one of yours qualifies in that 'instagram quote' kind of way a bit!

Of course the most positive, motivational, hopeful, beautiful ones often have that special 'sound' or 'ring' the most.... but I have to say that there are plenty of times when those kind of sayings and things don't seem to help me that much... so I think the value of the other kind with something more down-to-earth and practical if not poetic-sounding, shouldn't be underestimated.... and similarly neither should the value of the way an exercise like this simply gets you to think or feel or express something, whatever it is...... thanks Dr Baxter.... :)
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