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Identify Your Thinking Traps
Black-or-WhiteYou think in black or white with no shades of gray.“If I don’t get an A+ in this class, then I’m a failure.”
End of the WorldYou predict the worst and blow things out of proportion.“I’ll never get into college or have a successful career.”
FilteringYou focus on negatives while ignoring positives of the situation.“Yes, I got an A on the paper but still misspelled a word.”
Fortune TellingYou think you can predict the future and typically predict the negative.“I’m not going to get the part in the school play.”
Mind ReadingYou think you know what people think and why they do what they do.“He’s lying to let me down easy, but he really wants to break up.”
OvergeneralizationYou draw conclusions based on a single event or piece of evidence.“I missed a dance step. I’m a horrible dancer.”
Should, MustYou have ironclad rules that you think you and others should follow.“I must get good grades.” “He should be on time.”
Doom and GloomYou jump to negative conclusions before you have all the facts.“They don’t like me because they didn’t invite me to the party.”
LabelingYou put negative labels on yourself or on other people.“I’m boring.” “He’s an idiot.”
Fallacy of FairnessYou think that you know what’s fair, but other people don’t agree.“It’s not fair that she has a boyfriend and I don’t.”
Fallacy of ChangeYou think that you can change people if you pressure them enough.“Although she said no, I’ll get her to go with me to the prom.”
Heaven’s RewardYou think that your sacrifice will pay off someday.“If I’m nice to her no matter how mean she is, one day she’ll like me.”
Being RightYou think you need to be right and you will go to any length to prove it.“You don’t know what you’re talking about. The sky is green.”
PersonalizationYou think that what people say or do is a reaction to you.“It’s all my fault that Julie didn’t enjoy my birthday party.”




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