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    Mike Iamele, posted by @gooblax
May 31, 2005
I have OCD, only there's a catch here.? My OCD is almost non existent when it comes to dealing with anyone outside my family.? When I am around my immediate family (Mother, brother, aunts, cousins etc.)? my fear of contamination is stronger than ever.? I avoid them like the plague, however any other time, whether it be strangers, colleagues, acquaintances, I am fine.? My current doctor says this is A-typical and more an anxiety issue than anything else, and actually ruled out OCD.

My question is this:? Would therapy be helpful in this situation.? I am also seeing a therapist, but we never manage to talk about this issue, and so I feel awkward bringing it up.? It's almost as if my therapist feels I already know what I need to do about it and so there's no need talking about it, or at least this is the vibe I get when in session.? We basically steer away from these issues and talk about my immediate circumstances, as if I were merely talking to anyone else.? How do I politely indicate that I would like to discuss these issues which is why I chose to go back into therapy in the first place.? I already feel uncomfortable bringing them up, but I would like to at least give it try.

David Baxter

Mar 26, 2004
The best advice I can give you is be direct. Your therapist may not be bringing it up for several possible reasons but of you let him/her know that it is a concern for you I can't see any therapist saying "no".

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