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Oct 28, 2006
I have been going to a therapist for ten months. It's still difficult for me to talk to open up to her. I'm not sure why I'm writing here. I guess I just need some advice. I really like her but for some reason I can't tell her about most things. It's really frustrating because I really want to tell her everything but I can't. When I'm not with her, I think about what I'm going to talk with her but when I go see her, I just can't talk. We talked about it a couple of times. She asked me to see her twice a week but I'm not sure about that. I thought about writing stuff down on a piece of paper so that I can at least read it to her but I don't think it will help because I have trouble saying things out loud. I don't know if you can help me but I'm open to suggestions.I just think 10 months is a long time for not opening up to a therapist.

David Baxter

Mar 26, 2004
What about one of the following options:

1. Write down what you'd like to talk about and give it to your therapist to read at the beginning of a session.

2. Write what you want to talk about in an email to your therapist in advance of the session and ask her/him to place it in your file for the next session.

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