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Thought I would share this with those of you like myself have lost a loved one and miss them even more at Christmas time.
Creating Rituals During The Holidays After Loss
Creating a sacred ritual can offer a tremendous sense of honoring for the loved one you are missing. It also offers balance, comfort and support for you. The overall effect of creating rituals can assist you in coping with the coming holidays.

My girl friend bought a very special candle and keeps it lit throughout the holidays

Hope this is helpful
Happy Holidays Everyone



What a great idea Laurie, thanks for sharing the link :)

I hope that it helps you and others through the holidays :hug:


Laurie, this is something I do all the time, but for some reason, have not been able to bring myself to do it for this instance. This comes as a shock, this is the first time I have realized that. Wow, I am just so shocked. I am going to do this, thank you.
You are very welcome
I too am planning on starting a ritual starting this xmas for my rose of my life and my best friend my mom whom I lost this past May.I found a beautiful artifical rose and still need to buy a nice candle:hug:
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