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As soon as I went off my medication the thoughts diminished completeley, (thank god) ut its always been like this for me all antidepraesants made me feel this way today I came home and my mom was like good news I talked to the dr. he wants you to keep taking the abilify and mix it with paxil. I just yelled out no No more drugs im sick of this drugs never do anything positive for me I think I may not have been bi-polar in the fitrst place Im thinking I used to smoke so much weed 7 times a day and then just abruptly quit cold turkey this may have triggered a chemical imbalance that the dr. misdiagnosed as bi-polar. Im not sure all I know is my thoughts are stiill there but they go away really fast they no longer stick so abilify esse4ntially made me ferel calm but my thoughts were still wacked out and the dr. was thinking of prescribing paxil, is he retarded????? thats what dylan kleybold and eric harris were on when they shot up columbine and the kid who shot his parents in there sleep when he was on zoloft these drugs simply arn;t good for some people so I didn;t like abilify any one else take it?

David Baxter PhD

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I think the millions of people who have been helped by these medications would disagree with you. Individuals like the Columbine killers may have been taking SSRIs when they committed their crimes but I dare say they were also eating bread and drinking water -- why is it people don't blame bread and water for the crimes?

Daniel E.
why is it people don't blame bread and water for the crimes?
Maybe all the carbs in bread give criminals too much energy :)

More reason to ignore previous media bashing on SSRIs:

...there's now "a real concern in the medical community that the public is getting confused by contradictory media reports [on this issue]. As a result, people may be less likely to get treatment. That would be a real tragedy, because the good news is that we can help most people who suffer from psychiatric disorders, including depression."

"To my surprise, I found that the suicide rate goes up in a straight line, year by year, from the 1960s on — right up until 1988, which is exactly the year Prozac was introduced," Licinio said. "From then on, it goes down substantially."

Do Benefits of Antidepressants Outweigh Risks?
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