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hello to all i am currently in Quebec and i am moving in with my dad in about 5 months for the summer and i know that I am not in a state to be left on my own with my e-d so i was wondering if anybody had any information on clinics in the Toronto area .. as in Mississauga other that treat anorexia and bulimia but that also consider that i am leaving after the summer to go to school back home and i just need a coach or someone to be a resource while i am down there cause that may be were i go and live after college

yours truly

i am mostly looking for a group therapy or maybe individual therapy but i find that seeing someone just for the summer may not really help but a nutritionist may i don't know but basically just information on places .


H! Sheena's Place is downtown Toronto (87 Spadina Road) and if this is not convenient I am sure they could recomend something. They have a website and of course I have misplaced the information sheets they gave me but you can look it up. I stopped in one day and the people I spoke with were very welcoming. I should contact them again as my friend's daughter is avoiding assistance and I think she is in great need of some help. Mari:eek:
thanks very much i will be in te toronto area this week so i will try and get around to going and see what it is like and i also wrote to them with some questions it looks like a great clinic!!
yours trully
i went to visit the drop in of sheena's place and it was great the people were very welcoming and i felt not judged at all they were very kind and respectful and i wil be entering one of their programs in the summer i am looking forward to it
thanks for the help
ashley that is good news, i am very happy for you that you've found this help for the summer. good for you for taking care of yourself like this :hug:


That sounds wonderful, Ashley! I'm so glad you found Sheena's Place welcoming and decided to enter one of their programs this summer. I'll be very anxious to hear about your experiences! :)
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