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Updated Guidelines for Autism Spectrum Disorders
by Rick Ansorge, HealthDay News
Oct 28th 2007

Updated guidelines will improve pediatricians' ability to recognize, diagnose and manage autism spectrum disorders, according to two clinical reports by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Council on Children with Disabilities, presented this week at the American Academy of Pediatrics national conference. These reports will be published in the November issue of Pediatrics and will replace the original American Academy of Pediatrics policy statement and technical report published in 2001.

Chris Plauche Johnson, M.D., and colleagues address issues such as definition, history, epidemiology, diagnostic criteria, early signs, neuropathologic aspects, and etiologic possibilities in children with autism spectrum disorders. They also present an algorithm to assist pediatricians in the early identification of children with autism spectrum disorders.

Scott M. Myers, M.D., and colleagues review the primary educational strategies and associated therapies used to treat children with autism spectrum disorders. Because optimal treatment leads to improvements in functional outcomes and quality of life, they also address issues such as the management of associated medical problems, pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic intervention for challenging behaviors or coexisting mental health conditions, and use of complementary and alternative treatments.

"In addition to their important roles in identifying autism spectrum disorders through screening and surveillance, establishing the diagnosis, conducting an etiologic evaluation, and providing genetic counseling after a diagnosis is made, pediatricians and other primary health care professionals are in a position to provide important longitudinal medical care and to support and educate families and guide them to empirically supported interventions for their children," Myers and colleagues conclude.

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these changes are what I was advocating for in my 1998 book Autism: An Inside Out Approach and again in my 2002 book, The Jumbled Jigsaw.

As someone with autism who had two primary immune deficiencies, gut and metabolic disorders with co-morbid mood, anxiety and compulsive disorders and a range of visual/verbal/tactile agnosias underpinning my 'autism', I welcome the serious consideration of the 'fruit salad' model I advocated. Whilst not all cases of autism or ASD have such a broad 'fruit salad', its essential to the realisation of potential in those deemed severe or moderate that co-existing conditions be treated to allow people with autism to function as best they wish to.
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