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Very Beautiful And Very Messy
Posted July 19, 2016

Zach Lamb has one of the most severe cases of Tourette's Syndrome in America. Zach's tics leave him at one moment paralyzed; at another involuntarily attacking his own family with a raging strength; all the while compelling him to literally tear down the walls around him. And yet: Zach is one of the sweetest fourteen year old boys you'll ever meet. This is his story. Told during the one week a year where Zach says he can truly be himself. Camp Twitch And Shout is a summer camp for kids living with Tourette's Syndrome. There Zach meets Mario and Cole. These boys' friendship is both very beautiful and very messy: and equally heartwarming and heartbreaking hurricane of profanity and property destruction.

Movie Duration 31:19

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