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I have various types of scar on my arm, from thin white ones to thicker darker ones.

Does anyone know if theres ANY way possible to fade them at all?

I know the whole point of a scar is that its permenant and all, but anyone got any tips??:dimples:



You can buy scar gels at most pharmacies but I haven't been good about using them myself so I couldn't tell you how good they work. I should try being good about it... I always feel sorry for myself about my scars. I really should try being proactive. Or, if you have $$ to put towards it and have stopped self-injuring and your scars are bad enough, go see a specialist.


You would probably get the best advice for your specific situation from a cosmetic dermatologist. There is amazing medical technology these days. It might not hurt to at least get a consult, you might get some good suggestions. At the very least you would get your options laid out for you.
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