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God I gotta get this out! I know there are others out there that are in financial turmoil in this crashing economy. I'm a military veteran, that didn't like his job in the Air Force, and started up college training for medical lab tech after 6 years in.

Anyway, current situation: -274 in my checking, waiting/hoping that the MGIB Chp 33 (post 9/11 gi bill) that I submitted 2 months ago will pay me my housing allowance! That's all I'm living off of right now, and yes at the same time I am desperately seeking a part time job.

I am indeed disabled, you know, severe mental illness, and have been in the process of applying for va service connected disability for over a year, along with SSDI (hahhaaha ya right, waiting for my big fat DENIAL on that one). I had that big 'exam' at the VA which is really supposed to be your last step but noooo I get a letter saying that my 2 previous employers are not cooperating in giving information to the VA, and a certain psych ward won't release information.

Ugggh! I have a traffic ticket (illegal U-turn) that needs paid by Oct 1st, of $95 and I'm scared cause I don't have the money, and I have never received a traffic ticket or anything at all in my life (off-base), so I don't want to go to jail for being poor! On top of that there is the threat of homelessness! I need about 550 to pay rent or I'm evicted, I need 60 to keep power on, and I have about 10,000 in credit card/loan payments needed that are now in collections and garnishing (non-existent) wages, ya I put in a dispute with them, that is why my account went negative. Running out of food, running out of gas, afraid about 'what comes next'.

I feel wronged somehow. Uggh. Ok sorry just needed to get that off my chest. /rant off.

Have you talked to the financial aid office? For example, some of them offer emergency loans of up to $500 or something like that.
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