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My experience with the update drivers for installed hardware provided by Windows Updates has not been good.

One system became unusable and required a full restart (format and reinstallation) after allowing Windows Updates to install a Bluetooth update.

On two occasions allowing Windows Updates to install driver updates for Sound Blaster Audigy cards resulted in a complete failure of Sound Blaster, requiring reinstallation of drivers from the Soundblaster site.

Having recently bought a HP Laserjet printer, Windows Update wants to install a new driver. I allowed the driver to be installed, but on every subsequent visit to Windows Updates, the HP Laserjet driver is flagged for requiring update.

I have not seen his behaviour on software updates.

Have you had difficulty with Windows Updates and system failures?

Daniel E.
With all those driver problems, you might as well update to Windows Vista :)

Seriously, I never had a problem with Windows Update since it has been so useless. Only once do I remember it downloading a driver for me.
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