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David Baxter

Mar 26, 2004
New schizophrenia treatment possible

TORONTO, Jan 23, 2007 (UPI) -- Canadian researchers have discovered a dopamine signaling complex in the brain that might lead to a new treatment for schizophrenia.

The team, lead by Drs. Susan George and Brian O'Dowd of the Center for Addiction and Mental Health, said the complex is composed of two different types of dopamine receptors that might offer a new in understanding of schizophrenia.

"This distinct unit provides a novel signaling pathway through which dopamine can impact the function of brain cells," said George. "This is significant because signaling through calcium release is a major mechanism regulating many important functions in the brain and we have provided the first direct mechanism by which dopamine can activate a calcium signal."

The discovery has significant implications for schizophrenia, since schizophrenic patients may have disordered calcium signals and the major treatments for the disease target the dopamine system.

"Our data links these two pieces of evidence, creating better understanding of the disease and opening the door for a new generation of highly specific drugs that may help alleviate the devastating symptoms of schizophrenia," the scientists said.

The study appears in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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