by David Baxter, PhD

For me, these are the big three:

  1. Gratitude: Focus on what you have to be grateful for instead of the challenges, hardships, and disappointments you experience in your life.

  2. Compassion: this applies both to Self-compassion — be gentle and understanding with yourself when you make mistakes or say or do something that inadvertently hurts someone else; and Other-compassion — practice the same compassion to other people and their mistakes or slip-ups as you practice for yourself.

  3. Forgiveness: this should go hand in hand with compassion, self-forgiveness and other-forgiveness.
None of this means that you should become a doormat for other people who want to put you down. It simply means as a bottom line that focusing on what's still positive and good about your life, with or without those people who seem to thrive on meanness and putting others down. Keep negativity from others out of your mind and out of your life.