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by Kritika Bhatia (Mumbai, India)

Disturbed by nonsense,
Every day is so monotonous.
There's no uniqueness,
Each day is like an illness.

It never gets cured,
Unless there's change.
There's no peace,
There's no feast.

The whole day,
I just think of something new,
I eagerly wait for something that has never happened before,
Something that'll make me ask my life for more.

I wandered once,
Like a vagabond.
I had no clue of where I was going,
No idea of what I was doing.

Suddenly, I spotted a lake,
Surrounded by shrubs.
I could hear the silence,
It was a never-seen-before experience.

I never felt so glad ever before,
I never felt I had the time,
But, once when I was with Nature,
Everything changed forever.

The birds chirping,
I could hear it clearly,
I felt heavenly,
It seemed as if God had landed on the Earth, actually.

I never felt like leaving the place,
It was so serene,
So quiet,
So blissful.

I could see my inner self,
Come alive slowly,
Not everyone is that fateful,
To be so close to tranquility.

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