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Hello... My name is Ryann. Im a girl, my parents liked the thought of Ryann as a girls name... My therapist actually told me to come on this site... that the support and forums where i can post questions and info about my struggle might help me in the long run.

Ok. Anyway, im 17 years old. I have an eating disorder... And I dont really want to get better... As horrible as that sounds. I weigh the most i have in about a year. I was put into therapy last year after fainting during school and being hospitalized for dehydration and malnutrition. Yeah... it was fun.

My mother is stuck in the 1950's it seems.

My father is a drug addict. He lost his job last year... and still doesnt have one.

Ive been cutting for 6 years... but thats getting better. Thats one thing in my life I feel needs to be controlled. I havent cut in a month now, and im extremely proud. I went about 8 months while in outpatient therapy.... then i started again. but now im trying to stop.

I feel like this is a pity story... I dont expect any sympathy. I brought this all about myself... but for the sake of my sister and friends... Im going to try and get better.

I guess.


You haven't cut in a month? Wow! I'm very proud of you, too! :)

Hang in there, hon. Just keep it up with the therapy and your determination and you'll get through this hard spot. You've had a lot on your shoulders, what with your dad being a drug addict and your mom not being particularly supportive (from the sounds of it). What you've done, you've done with your own strength and courage. That's something of which to be very proud!


wow... thanks everyone! Im glad i joined, everyone seems so supportive already and i just started posting!


Hi Ryann and welcome:)
I'm glad your therapist suggested you come here-its a great place for information and support where your sure to not be judged. I cut for years but then stopped for years until recently when I started again. I shouldn't say 'started again' -its not something I plan on continuing...I just had a few relapses. I'm working with my doctor, a psychitrist, to get me on the right combination of medications. I also have major depression disorder and PTSD. I find alot of help here. Sometimes I just feel stupid and its hard to change that so I'll post and before I know it others have posted about why its not stupid and I feel much better.
Take care


Hey Ryann,

I LOVE your name - it's too cool!!

You'll definitely find lots of help and support on this forum. I don't post much, but I get alot out of reading what others have said, and that is very helpful in itself.



Hi Ryann,
Its so good to have you aboard with us.

I also love your name. it is very beautiful.

I had an eating disorder when I was younger. I would binge and toss. I think that has created the difficulty that I now have of loosing weight.

I think for me it was a control issue. Being abused in many ways and not being able to have control over it, I found out that my dad would get angry when I would not eat, and would force me to. So I would toss it when I was done eating.

Not knowing that I was getting myself into something that was difficult to end.

I did get through it though, and it wasn't easy. I really believe though that we can do anything we put our minds to.

Am looking forward to getting to know you.

Healthbound, love your avatar! I am a totall animal lover, and that is one neat avatar!
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