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I've been taking 60mg of regular Adderall for 6 months. I wanted to try the XR version, since I'd heard that the steady release could lower the anxiety that's sometimes a side effect, as well as prolong the effectiveness. As of now I get about 3 hours of really good concentration, then it goes downhill.

So my doctor agreed to switch me, but instead of taking 60mg I now get 20mg of Adderall XR + an extra 20mg of regular Adderall. My doctor told me that this was equivalent to 80mg of regular Adderall. Um, what? He said that since the 20mg of XR was equal to 60mg of regular Adderall, I was essentially getting a full day's worth of Adderall, PLUS an add-on dose of 20mg of the regular stuff in case I need it.

And I'm POSITIVE that I heard him right and was not just misinterpreting what he said. I asked him about this about four times, and the last two he marked on the wall the number of times that the 20mg XR would work, then the additional 20mg. Now I could understand him lowering my dose to 40mg of XR, but to lower my dose to 20mg XR and 20mg regular Adderall makes very little sense to me.



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I don't know about Adderall specifically but it is generally true that the XR (extended release) versions of medication do result in lower doses for the same therapeutic effects.

I think you should start by assuming that your doctor knows what s/he is talking about and try what has been prescribed for you. If you find after a few weeks that it's not effective, go back and have another talk with your doctor.
I took adderall for three weeks and it made me feel sick and It wasn't really helping me. But med do different thing to different people.
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