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Ive been cutting for 6 years. Im 19 now. But anyway 2 years ago I started seeing Michelle, a therapist. She helped me so much and I depended on her for pretty much getting through my life. Well she stopped doing therapy, I was her last patient and she saw me till I moved to Pittsburgh for school. (I live in GA). Anyway i hate it there and in September I started cutting again after an 8 month remission. Now I cant stop. I have been emailing Michelle... And seeing a new therapist that I dont like at all.
I dont know what to do...
I have a month and a half of for Christmas, then I am moving back to Georgia.
I was thinking I might need an inpatient program... its that bad.
But I dont know if that would be the right thing to do
Should I go around looking for new therapists when I get back? Or check into a hospital?
I just... I cant stop anymore and I really almost have no desire to. But I know that I need to. And I know that I should. I just dont know the best approach to this


Hi Aniston,

Girl, I feel for you, that is really bad how you feel right now. I wish I could give you some advice now but I don't know it. I am just up early and I saw you post and wanted to say something.

Today people will respond and I really hope you get the advice that gives you new perspective.




this may not be of much help, but I think when it really comes down to it you know what feels 'right', what feels out of control, and what feels manageable... if si is not only a part of your life but dragging you down more and more and you are even considering an inpatient program (I'm not saying this is or is not what you should do), those are signs that you need to find some way of getting the help that you need. if that means seeing a new therapist, getting some kind of treatment, getting advice from your old therapist, reaching out to someone at some agency, hospital, friends for support etc.... then that is what it's going to take. I know you feel like you don't know what the right decision is in regards to what to do,... but my point is start somewhere. fight this demon one step at a time, seeing where it takes you, if you don't find the right answers w/ one person, keep looking.... there is help out there hun!
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