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Hi I?m seventeen me and my girlfriend have started dating for almost 5 month now. I have never had a girlfriend up until now so I?m really inexperienced in this type of relationship. She has had her share of boyfriend in the past. We are very happy together and we have problems but we work things out. My problem is that the people around her don?t like the idea of us being in a relationship. And this is starting to affect our relationship.

Most of her friends don?t like that she?s going out with me. I don?t know the reason why they don?t like me. My girlfriend doesn?t know either. She tried asking them and most of them just say ?I don?t know I just don?t like you going gout with him.? They don?t dislike me they just don?t like me dating her.

Her mother doesn?t like me either -her father doesn?t really care- since I?m too young. I?m half a year younger then her daughter and she want her daughter to be with someone older. She thinks I?m too immature and that I don?t love her daughter. They have many arguments about me and it hurts knowing that my girlfriend is going through this pain to be with me.

There is also this other boy that is affecting our relationship. He older, wealthier, has a car. My girlfriend and him have known each other before I met my girlfriend so they are close childhood friend. He was also my friend so to speak. My problem is that he also likes my girlfriend. When I started going out with my girlfriend he wanted to have nothing to do with me. He pushed me out of his life as if we never knew each other. That?s not my main concern. My problem is that he still keeps trying to be with my girlfriend even though he knows that I?m going out with her. I guess I?m just being jealous because she sees him more then she sees me. I know my girlfriend doesn?t want to be anything more then to be close friend with him. And she tried to tell him that. But he keeps trying to be with her. I don?t know why, I feel so angry and jealous every time they see each other. I tell my girlfriend that but it makes me sound so overprotective. What make thing worst is everyone she knows seems to like this other guy more then me. Her mother like this boy because he drives her to school and get her things takes care of her. Most of her friends also like him better then me. I just want this boy to stop trying to ?steal? my girlfriend, they are childhood friends and understand that, I don?t know why I?m even worried, upset, angry, annoyed about this because I know that my girlfriend loves me.

I really don?t know why I?m writing all of this I guess I?m just venting out everything. Not sure if anyone can help not sure if I?m even asking for help I guess I just need some place to let this all out before I go insane. :wacko:

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Two thoughts:

1. Is it possible that her friends resent you because she is now spending a lot of time with you and less time with them? This isn't uncommon...

2. Re: the "other guy" - he can't "steal" someone that doesn't want to be stolen. If she wants to be with you, have faith in that. She's not a trophy. She's a person with a mind of her own.

Daniel E.
They have many arguments about me and it hurts knowing that my girlfriend is going through this pain to be with me.

If you want to smoothe things over with the mother (which may not be worthwhile or effective), you could always try the charm offensive, e.g inviting her parents and her over for dinner at your family's house.
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