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a part of my everyday life...if not i cannot sleep...but i have been waking up with little to no memory of the previous night .....and feeling like im just killing myself...getting tired and old fast....i know should quit the bad stuff but easier said then done....last time i tried...lost wife, job everythiing important to me....seems like im content with self destruction....but deep in my heart i would rather be healed....just a rant i dont expect a solution.

David Baxter PhD

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Re: booze+pot+paxil=death??????

if not i cannot sleep

No. If not, you can't pass out, maybe. But that combination is disrupting your sleep patterns, leaving you increasingly sleep-deprived - especially REM sleep-deprived - and making your situation progressively worse. It only FEELS like it's helping. It's actually exacerbating your problems.

There are other ways to sleep that are far less dangerous and far more effective. Talk to your doctor about your insomnia - and about getting help for your substance abuse.
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