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Does anyone know what's going on with them. Their website now points to a porn site and their phone number has been disconnected.


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Re: Anxiety Disorders Association of Ontario


I don't know about the phone line but they obviously let their domain name lapse. I learned my lesson about that one about 10 years ago. Porn site operators will watch for well-rated sites and if the registration lapses they grab them up for the renewal fee to exploit the good search engine rankings. Sleazy. :mad:

I wonder if the organization has disbanded due to lack of funding or something...

I'll post if I learn anything. If anyone else has any information, please let us know.


Member ?phone number :? 729-6761

That is what i'm gusessing is their? new site. For I went there this week.. the site doesn't seem to be working. As well as I left a message on Wed? You get a recorded voice mess. from a man and he talks about a 12 week program and something else in which i forget, I think a group meeting and then to leave a message etc..,? and have had no call backs..

So it seems to be still here..but am not sure of what is going on. :confused:


In a discussion on Psychlinks last summer, a Forum member was trying to communicate with them and was unable to make contact for the same reasons you are alluding to. The curious part was that there were public service announcements on the cable TV info channel being made to promote their organization during that same period.

Perhaps the CMHA office in Ottawa (613)737-7791 may have some insights on the organization's status.

Another resource for information about them might be one of the psychiatry outpatient clinics in town which often are aware of local support services.


Just wanted to say that they are in operation..I got a hold of someone. His name is Cliff that answered. He said that they are starting anew..that the website is starting to come together slowly but surely, they are in need of volunteers big time in all areas.., they don't offer a companion service at this time due to lack of funding and people etc. and that they are trying to get back on there feet in all ways. :) He said if anyone wants to volunteer call! :)

They still offer the the support groups on thursdays and a 14 week program for those that can get there. All the info is on the phone message and soon to be on the site if not already there.

Just thought i'd update.


I know the phone number is for sure..but i just clicked the site link and it is not 'working' maybe that is still in transition.
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