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Growing up I remember spending time at my grandmothers house on holidays and special occassions. You know showing up to smile, nod, and catch up. But as a small child one of the things I remember most was great aunt Alice. A woman who lead a very hard life... A husband that beat her, a child that despised her, and a family that locked her away once things got to difficult.. shock therapy.. medication... you name it.

She use to talk at random about anything that rarely made sense but to a child, she was a fun woman.... she would rock, smoke, and stare... She loved things that others thought were ugly as sin and had her own personal sense of style... Nothing matched and from time to time she would just go naked. My mother, aunts, and uncles recall that she was like that even when they were children, spanning some 22 years between the oldest and the youngest.

It wasn't untill she died that the family secret was let out...Aunt Alice was schizophrenic.

I have heard horror stories from people with relatives who were schizophrenic but that wasn't my experience with it.....She was fun and caring ... and yes at times alittle scary but only in a good way.

I think everyone has a member of the family like that. You just don't know about it.. because for years they were locked away from the rest of the world hidden away and only talked about in voices no higher then a whisper.

I am not sure exactly how to wrap up this post so I will leave it at this :)

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