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New Free Anti-Virus

GRISOFT is announcing a new version of the AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition. This new 7.5 version with improved performance and user interface is available. Users that are using AVG Free 7.1 will be provided with a specific dialog, within the next few weeks, with the opportunity to choose the right option fulfilling their needs. AVG Free 7.1 version will be discontinued on 15th of Jan 2007.

Download AVG Anti-Virus Free version 7.5 here (16.58 MB)

Instructions for updating from AVG 7.1 to 7.5

  1. Run the AVG Free Edition 7.5 Setup program
  2. Click "Next >" on the AVG "Welcome!" screen
  3. Click "Accept" on the "License Agreement on Use of an AVG Free Edition" screen
  4. Select "Repair installation" on the "Select Setup Type" screen and click "Next >"
  5. Select "Restart the computer now" (pre-selected by the program automatically) and click "OK" on the "Installation Complete!" screen to restart your computer and complete the installation

See also AVG Anti-Spyware Free

AVG Anti-Spyware Free is a free anti-spyware protection tool developed by GRISOFT for home use. We invite you to join the millions of satisfied customers worldwide who have downloaded the software and now enjoy the benefits of AVG Anti-Spyware Free.
Ive just updated my AVG and all went well, I then ran my ad ware checker and windcleaner and found things in the registry relating to avg and one with no name on it, whats all that about Avg putting stuff thats classed as spyware and or invalid registry items?:confused:

David Baxter PhD

Late Founder
It's more likely to be the spyware programs not being current and not recognizing the new version of AVG. Whenever I do an update of any program like that, even my Zone Alarm firewall pops up and thinks something new is trying to access the internet and requests my approval.
My spyware checkers are bang up to date, Ive removed the offending items, can always restore them, but everything working fine after I removed them so they are obviously not important or else AVG would have not worked.
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