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In my understanding [from someone who has pretty much both..] agoraphobia is a situation thing, and Avoidant PD is a people thing.

Although Agoraphobia is often described as a fear of having a panic attack in a public place and not receiving help.

Avoidant PD is, I think, when you've 'learned' not to trust people and avoid them and feel like you're an outcast and fear being seen for the freak that you feel you are, but you're desperate for warmth and connection.

Avoidant PD is also likened to very severe social phobia/anxiety.

The thing with agoraphobia is the panic attacks.

What makes you ask, Laurie?
Just wondering, because I am agoraphobic but I also don't feel very comfortable around strangers , nor do I trust easily anymore.
I feel as though I'm being judged when strangers look at me,I don't feel safe around strangers.I avoid people when ever possible.
Was never told I had it but maybe I am both also???

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