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I have recently been diagnosed as being bi-polar by my psychologist. I show all the signs of it I explode out of nowhere get freaked out really easily and have severe mood swings. But he also says I have dissasociation disorder or depersonalization. My question is how did I get this disorder in the first place? its really scary Ill be in my room or sitting in class and I won;t recognize anything or anyone everything will look weird or foreighn especially my room. The other day it happened and I was watching TV and I couldn't realize what I was watching.I didn't even know what I was looking at the TV didn't look real. All this stuff happens at night in the day I am normal have a girlfriend I have a lot of friends but at night I freak out it starts at about 6 oclock. everything just feels different and weird and my parents don't look familiar and I feel like Im disconnected from everyone. What caused this and my bi-polar. No one in my family has it And I come from a great family no abuse we have money everything is nice. I learned dissasociation comes from post tramatic stres blocking things out and I realized that I can;t remember 2 days ago my mermorys like gone. But what could I be blocking out if everything seems ok. I appologize for the length of this post. Thanks!

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It's difficult to say where an illness like bipolar disorder comes from but there's no evidence to suggest that it's related to abuse or trauma. Fundamentally, it's probably a neurochemical imbalance. It may well be that one is born with a certain vulnerability to such imbalances but we don't know that for certain.

Dissociative disorders are more likely to be associated with some sort of trauma but of course that needn't be abuse per se. It is not necessarily related to depersonalization, which can occur as one of the symptoms of more than one disorder or as a usually transient side-effect of certain medications.

You say that your psychologist has diagnosed you with these disorders. What were the diagnoses based on? Have you had a recent complete physical examination including routine blood tests for thyroid function, etc.? Have you been referred for a neurological evaluation?
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