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Aug 17, 2005
Microsoft is making a big push to have everyone migrate to Windows 10, during the "free" upgrade period which ends at the end of July 2016.

I have Windows 10 on a couple of my systems, and have helped a number of friends upgrade their systems, but there are situations where Windows 10 may not be appropriate or desirable. This is the case on a Windows 7 system I have where I need to keep a particular program that is not compatible with Win10. I also want to keep a Win 7 system for testing.

About a month ago, despite taking every possible precaution to disallow Win 10 from downloading, The upgrade process began without my consent. I could not stop it and could not circumvent it, despite following numerous workarounds described on several online resources.

I finally succeeded in blocking the download using the following:

To block Windows 10 updating is to install the free utility GWX-Control Panel which will protect Windows 7 and 8 systems silently in the background until you are ready ready to update or not.

When you go to that website to get it, click on Get Installer not on the StandAlone since the Installer version has an easy link to see if there are updates for it.

The programmer seems to look for any changes Microsoft seems to try to slip in and is good at answering questions in his blog.

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