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May 13, 2011
Body Image and Eating
Mind Check
April 6, 2013

  • It can start as a desire to lose a few pounds.
  • It can start as a way to have some control in our lives.
  • It can start as a way of dealing with issues we don’t want to face, or don’t know how to face.
  • It can start as a way to be more popular, or feel more accepted by our peers.
  • It can be another goal in striving for perfection.

Our eating habits and food choices are influenced by a number of factors such as favourite foods, family traditions, our friends, and our daily schedule of activities. Even though we know it’s important to eat healthy, we sometimes skip meals or eat less than we should, and sometimes we eat too much.

Eating patterns can also be influenced by how we feel about ourselves, and how we’re feeling overall. Food can be used as an unhealthy way to deal with difficult life issues and emotions.

For example, feeling “fat,” or being unhappy with some aspect of our body, can make us wish we looked different. Being teased or bullied about weight, wanting to be part of a group, or going through a traumatic experience can make us think that losing weight will help us feel better. Or we may use food as a way to comfort ourselves when times are tough.

If you are changing your eating or exercise habits in order to lose weight or to feel better about some part of your life – even if you believe it isn’t harmful – we invite you to take our body image and eating quiz. By checking things out early, you can get a better idea of what’s going on for you, and take steps to prevent the development of more serious problems.

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