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Im having a horrible day, I wish that I could really tell ya how i feel. I don't know whats wrong I feel like crying yet I feel like being self destructive, my heart is racing and im like in this panic mode.I don't know whats wrong.. oh man Im going to go crazy... Im shaking really bad, i can't calm my self down. No ones home that's not a good thing

just mary

Re: break down

Hey TLC,

Me too, it's been a horrible day and I'm home alone too. Just keep hanging out here, vent, let us know how you're feeling. I've felt like crying since this afternoon, I just need to let something out but I don't know how, in a less than self-destructive manner.

Take care,
Re: break down

I'am all right. I manage not to do anything to myself . I just went and took my lorazapam. and looked at myself and said how much uglyer do you want to be. My arms arn't pretty and besides its too hot to ware long sleeves. well thanks for being conserned, I appreciate it
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