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Is anyone still interested in those? We had them for several years but I don't know who read them if anyone or whether they were just taking up space.

Daniel E.
I loved it since I rarely went back to read old quotes. But maybe I will now :)

"Those who didn't like the quotes should be ashamed!!!"

~ Carl Rogers :D

"Go for the quotes, stay for the cat memes."

~ Smudge the cat
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I've been 'trained' to skip past anything that looks like a bold emphasised inserted item because they're usually ads. (It used to be a bit of a problem for me in modern textbooks because they'd put some main points in big colourful boxes for emphasis and my brain would be like "nope that's an ad" so I'd miss the main point!) So I'd often skip over the Quote of the Day automatically and occasionally would go back and read it.

Aside from that, I'm neutral about it. Never been big on quotes but sometimes they're good.
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