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I was wondering if anyone has heard of anything that links caffeine to depression. Actually, not just caffeine, but food allergies, like dairy? I recently discovered that when I drink coffee, soda, or even eat some chocolate or ice cream, I break out, and get dark circles under my eyes. (looks like 2 black eyes) It hasn't always been like this, maybe just in the last 3 years or so. Of course the black eyes, and pimples get me down, but I also get EXTREMELY agitated when I'm crashing after the caffeine high goes away. Then, after that, I feel soooooo low. I was curious if anyone had any info on what caffeine or food allergies do to make some people feel this way.

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I'll try to find some information on this issue later (gotta run to an appointment now).

It does make sense that a lot of caffeine or sugar followed by none would induce a crash at some point that could certainly feel like or exacerbate depression.


Caffeine is highly addictive. Most people who drink it started in their teens. I've had extreme difficulty quitting caffeine--I expect I may never NOT drink a cup of coffee. Even though I get withdrawal headaches, urinary frequency, bad breath, sour stomach, jitters. And yes, I'm sure it contributes to depression. And I don't even drink more than four mugs a day, unless I drink another one. Or I go to an event where it's served, or meet someone late in the day and sit in a cafe. Those cups don't count!

It'll kick your butt. Someday a link may be found between the extremely high levels of coffee consumption and other mental and emotional problems. People didn't always drink so much of the stuff, and it wasn't always widely available as it is now.
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