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1 in 4 anglophone Canadians have cut the cord on TV, survey suggests
CBC News
March 30, 2018

One in four anglophone Canadians have cut the cord and no longer pay for a traditional TV service, while just over half are Netflix users, a report by the Media Technology Monitor suggests.

Based on telephone surveys with 4,156 Canadians conducted by Forum Research Inc. between Sept. 27, 2017 and Dec. 8, 2017, 73 per cent of respondents said they had a TV subscription, which was down from the 78 per cent who said the same in 2016.

"We've seen a steady decrease in paid TV subscriptions," says Jenny Meadows, head of client services for MTM. "That's changing the (media) environment we live in."

Digital only viewers on the rise
The report also focuses on a category of digitally savvy users dubbed TV My Way viewers — representing 14 per cent of the Canadians polled — who now watch all their TV and film content through the internet. An additional seven per cent of the respondents watch streaming content along with TV via over-the-air signals, while six per cent said they essentially watch no TV at all.

TV My Way viewers tended to be younger, most commonly in the 18 to 34 age group, and were more likely to be social media users, listen to music and podcasts online, and use their mobile devices to stream video.

They were also far more likely to have a Netflix subscription, with nearly eight in 10 saying they used the streaming service versus 54 per cent of all the survey respondents.

"It is by far the most popular service over time and it continues to grow," says Meadows of Netflix's foothold in Canada.

But Netflix subscriber growth in Canada is now at the stage where it's slowing, adds Andrea Sharkey, senior manager of market insights for MTM.

"I think part of that is at some point all the people who want to have Netflix will have subscribed, so growth will continue to slow," Sharkey says. "But certainly it's still the most important (streaming service)."

Not much competition to Netflix
In fact, the report suggested there was little appetite for consumers to subscribe to Netflix's competitors.

Only eight per cent of those polled said they were users of CraveTV and six per cent said they had Amazon Prime Video. Of the Amazon Prime Video users, many had a login but said they didn't really use it.

"Only about half of those watched it in a typical month," Sharkey says. "A lot of the people who have a subscription to the Prime Video service only have it because it's bundled with their online shopping."

Of the poll respondents who did have a subscription to at least one streaming service, only 16 per cent said they were likely or somewhat likely to sign up for another in the year ahead.

"Typically most people only have one and when they do have multiples they're stacking it with Netflix," says Sharkey.

"They were first to market, they do what they do very well."

David Baxter PhD

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When I last moved (in mid-2016), I continued my cable TV subscription. However, after about a year, I realized I almost never used it. I try to avoid watching the news. I check weather on my iPhone. I used to watch some sports on TV and a couple of comedy shows. But for some reason, I seemed to have lost interest - or maybe I just fell out of the habit of turning it on. Instead, I was watching more movies.

I read an article about over-the-air digital antennas and researched that. I was able to find one on Amazon for about $40 including a stand (less than the monthly fee for cable) and, since Amazon has a generous return policy, I figured I'd give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised at the result: It brings in about 10 digital channels reliably, another 2-3 when weather conditions are favorable, and a few more francophone channels which I don't watch. All of this for an inconspicuous white rectangle about the size of an iPad that sits on a bookcase. I added a subscription to Netflix for $10 a month and I watch some comedy series there. And I still have my movies.

What about you?

Do you still subscribe to a cable or satellite TV service?

Do you have a Netflix or competitive subscription?
I do not watch any tv at all just not interested.
I will get a movie from library and use my video machine an old one to watch it.

i use my computer utube to watch some shows like the voice or you think you can dance . Thats it.


I'm still plugged in so I can watch the nationally broadcast Habs hockey games. the locally broadcast ones I had to subscribe to Rogers online streaming since they are blacked out west of Belleville, Ontario since Rogers bought the rights a couple years back.

I think I watched 2 hockey games and maybe 4 hours of news on Satellite in the month I have been here. Pretty expensive for a few games when they don't make the playoffs :( Once my fist year is up and the PVR becomes mine I will switch to the 25$ basic package and just add TVA sports during the hockey season for an extra 10$ a month.
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