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My sister was having an asthma attack while she was in Canada a couple of weeks ago and went to the drug store. The store clerk led her to over the counter meds and was very surprised that there were meds with codeine in it. Codeine in the states is prescription only.
What other drugs are over the counter for Canadians? Xanax? Nexium?

I am going up in a week and I may "stock up". :D
Will save me a couple trips to the Dr, although I cant have codeine since I am allergic to it.

David Baxter PhD

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I think there may be some OTC medications with minimal amounts of codeine that can be purchased without a prescription in Canada but in Ontario at least these are kept behind the prescription counter so you need to talk to a pharmacist before you can buy them. Even those are limited though.

To get something like Tylenol 2 or Tylenol 3, you need a prescription.

Since health is a joint federal-provincial responsibility, I'm not sure if the regulatiuons are different in other provinces.


Thx for the info Dr B. I guess my sister was talking to a pharmacist. Its a good thing its behind the counter, or you would have americans going over there and getting it. The pharmacist saw for himself how bad off she was. She could hardly breathe..
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