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I am new to this site and am in need of a little advice. I was molested (possibly raped) by my neighbour when I was approx 5-7yrs old (I am now 23). I know it went on for awile, but I can't remember everything, only bits and pieces and I didn't remember ANYTHING until I was about 14... Is this normal?
My parents never knew and i feel now that it is too late to tell them as it will just kill them. My husband tries to understand, but sort of believes if i just don't think about it i will forget and get over it. I don't think so and i feel very alone. Most of the time I am fairly well adjusted, but sometimes it interferes with my life or sexual time with my husband and then I can't forget...
Any advice would be much appreciated
thanx, Billy


A therapist probably *would* be a good idea. My grandfather sexually abused my mother and aunt when they were growing up, and the memories didn't start coming back until years later. Mom's therapist(at the time) helped her remember everything, and then helped her learn how to cope with it.


Thank you

Thank you very much for your advice, and David thank you for the information for my husband- that will help him understand so much more.
I will now be on the look out for a good therapist who can help me remember, and then move forward. Congratulations on a wonderful and helpful site.
Billy :)


Hi Billy,

I don't think it will pass just like this either. It was already hard for me to read it, let alone for you to experience at such a young age.

I would encourage you to do what you think is good for you, what you would make you feel better. A therapist would be a very good idea to help you.

It is very courageous you want to try to deal with it since it is not easy at all. But better, oh yes.

Again: very courageous and I wish for you a good road ahead on this.

Kindest regards,



Grateful :)

Thank you Suzette for your kind words,

sometimes people don't realise how much they help :)

already, just talking on this forum makes this easier to deal with and I am very grateful to you for your time given.

Thanx again,
Billy xox
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