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How about compulsive cleaning. Im such a clean freak. I think I drive my husband crazy.? Im constanly up doing something. 1 dog and 3 cats guess I would be a compulsive cleaner? Not only do I do this at my house im at my mothers house doing it too.

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That's not uncommon for individuals with anxiety disorders. Have you been evaluated for or diagnosed with either OCD or Panic Disorder?
If it's just a worry than no. However, if the need to clean is affecting your life, perhaps with your history of anxiety, you should be aware of it.


I will admit a comforting feeling, having things in their place - and I like stuff very orderly so I can easily fine them when needed. Spending excessive time looking for something never made sense. Example; I arrange or "rearrange" grocery items in their 'proper' designated cupboard location with labels facing towards me.

The thought of the excessive hours I've spend keeping things "situated" and clean (not necessarily sanitary) scares the hell out of me. There's no doubt I've wasted a good portion of my life "straighting" and organizing. There's a good chance I'm a slave to my inner being and can't stop the insanity!

Another 'pet peeve'... I have issues with dirty cars. I enjoy clean floorboards with no dirt or grass for some bizarre reason. It's weird, I hate when people say... "your car is so neat and clean"...I feel embarrassed and a complete nut-case / loser. It makes me feel like a freak, but I've had the 'rituals' all my life. It doesn't stop there.... the bedroom is the same way along with most of the house, yard; even my desk at the corporate job, I've had many years.

One friend I took out to lunch many years ago at work said... "should I bath before entering your car?" I know that might sound funny (and it was), but people seem to feel awkward and no; I don't allow eating in my vehicles. Seriously, I don't mind a little dirt on the floorboard 'occasionally', but I don't like a messy filthy car like many have with thrash and food wrappers etc..

I spend more time cleaning and re-organizing than most. It's hard lowering my standards with the rituals. I have a fair amount of anxiety, especially in social situations along with some schizoid traits. The cleaning is relatively minor in the grand scheme of things, I think.


I like a clean home too,but I am more concerned with clutter,it annoys me and when I walk into someones house that is full of stuff,I feel too confined.

For myself I believe it's a control issue,I can control my own surroundings to a point,but can't when I am at someone else's home and I find it frustrating
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